New Web Design Trends in Market

Web design is a constantly developing field with introduction of new tools and technologies being an almost routine affair. However, apart from the technical aspects, there is the aesthetics side to consider too. Man’s perception of what is pleasing to the eye is always evolving and taking on whole new meanings. Web designers have to keep up with this angle too and apart from the technicalities should also give a lot of importance to visual trends of web design in demand and in vogue. Hence, for every web designer, there should be a consistency in acquiring new skill sets and knowledge in this field.

What then are the current and expected web design trends in the market?

  • Geometric shapes – This is not a new trend but the reason why it has been included here is that though it started in 2016, it seems to be getting stronger over the years and is expected to become one of the pillars of web design in 2018. It is possible to achieve stunning results with a combination of patterns, circles and lines especially when combined with flat design and material design. Using mixed forms and patterns with simple shapes and conventional 2D design is the current web design trend. See websites designed by a professional Web Developer In Australia and you will get an idea of the drift.
  • Bright colours – Mixing bright colours without being flashy is the latest in web design today. Colours transition is what is paramount today and a case in point is that of Instagram. Note that their corporate images and logos have been changed from flat colours to one that has multiple coloured gradients. Even buttons and logos have been given new looks altogether. This is the contemporary style in web design today.
  • Photo content – Photo content has been in vogue since the advent of ecommerce sites. However the flat face-up photos for ecommerce sites are now giving way to exclusive seller’s photographs and studies have shown that more than 60% of shoppers would like to see the product of their choice from different perspectives. Web designers should give a lot of thought to this too.

Again, if you need a unique web design, it is advisable that you shun stock photos and consult a digital designer for out-of-the-ordinary ideas. The trend in 2018 is expected to include web sites that reflect a specific individualised approach to design and graphics and that include photos too. For a leading digital agency with a proven track record in web design, contact One Stop Media based in Melbourne.

  • Animation – Take a look websites of different businesses and you will find liberal use of animation – in icons, in logos and in the main body. Even emails are studded with animation to garner added attention from visitors to the site. When video and GIF of high quality blend together on a design, it is usually a visual treat for the eyes. It is also a way to add an element of drama and shock and will stay in the minds of viewers long after they have left the site.

There are many other aspects to web design that are being regularly incorporated in web pages by creative and innovative designers. The trends in this field promise a visually pleasing experience for all.

Jon Lawson