Graphic Design Trends that Took the Limelight in 2017

2017 is coming to a close and what an interesting year it has been. From incredible music to tragic hurricane and impressive changes in technology- it has been a tremendous year. The design world has seen its own changes and updates as well. Here are some impressive design trends that were in the limelight in 2017 and are here to stay.

  • Modern-Retro Style

Retro design has been around for quite some time and with the advent of modern retro this style of design made a grand comeback in 2017. Modern flare added to retro typefaces and colour pallets makes for an interesting fusion. This style was seen on packaging and company logos everywhere. This style popularity will continue into 2018 as well.

  • Sleek Text and Bold Photography

This style trend gained momentum in 2017. The combination was found in advertisements for brands that embrace adventure such as Nike, Everlane amongst others. Bold photography and sleek text exudes class, yet excitement and communicates a clear message to the audiences. This style worked together to create great contrasts and brilliant borders.

  • Illustrated Images

Illustrated images are great and add a human element to graphic design. This trend gained immense popularity in 2017 to explain huge range of situations and complex problems in a simple and impressive way.

  • Geometric Designs

This trend has been present for a while and the use of geometric shapes in all kinds of graphic works of art is not fading away any time soon. The design trend is classy, clean and helped achieve impressive, eye-pleasing compositions. This trend can be made more modern by combining other 2017 trends such as bright colours and typography.

  • Minimalistic Style

Tracing its roots back to the early 20th century, minimalistic style was popular in 2017. It focuses on simplicity and functionality and this led to its adoption in many brands and design trends. Leaving white space in design means more breathability and reduced focal points. With its popularity increasing, this trend is here to stay.

Jon Lawson